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Textile Department


Staff Members-
1- Dr. Smita Y. Kawley
Asoociate Professor,Head of the Department
Email- [email protected]
Mobile No- 9422904813
2- Miss. Swati .M. Jagtap , Lecturer
3- Miss. Chetana. M. Sharma, Lecturer
4- Mrs. Vaishali. P. Thakur, Lecturer
Job Opportunities-
  • As a Textile Designer
  • As a Fashion Designer
  • Job in Textile Mills
  • Job in Garment Industries
  • Job in Educational Institutes-
    • As a Lecturer in Home-Science and Home Economics
    • As a Lecturer in Fashion Designing and Textile Designing
    • As a Lecture in Textile Science and Khadi Production
    • As a Lecturer in Textile Chemistry and Bio Textiles.
  • As a Consultant related to Textile and Fashion field
  • Research officer in different research centers.
  • As a advisor in the field of Textile and Fashion.
  • As a Project Officer.
  • Can run Boutique
  • Can become good Entrepreneurs.
Subjects Offered:
  • Textile Testing And Quality Control
  • Textile Science
  • Advanced Pattern Making
  • Advanced Draping
  • Fashion Designing
  • Textile Designing
  • Apparel Merchandising
  • Textile Industry
  • Entrepreneurship in Textiles And Clothing
  • Business Management In Textiles And Clothing
  • Event Management
  • Special Concession for SC/NT/SBC/ST Students
  • Above mention areas our students are presently working.

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