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Marathi Department


Date of Establishment
U.G. 1960
P.G. 1994

The Ex – Faculty
Mr. V. G. Kawale Ex-HOD
Mr. Manoj Tayde HOD, P.G.Dept. of Marathi, SGB Amaravati University, Amaravati.
Mr. Yogendra Meshram Author of various Marathi books
Mr. T. G. Mane Ex-HOD

The Faculty

Name of the Teaching Staff Designation Qualification Specialisation Date of Appointment
Mr. N. H. Khode HoD M.A. SET Marathi 6.1.2000
Mr. P. M. Narayane Associate Professor M.A.,M.Phil. SET, NET Marathi 13.1.2000
Mr. D. B. Mahajan Asst Prof M.A., NET, SET Marathi 1.7.2019
Ms. M.G. Chute Contirbutory Lecturer M.A. Marathi NA
Ms. S. M. Lokhande Contirbutory Lecturer M.A. NET Marathi NA
Ms. M.V. Parate Contirbutory Lecturer M.A. Marathi NA

Major Thrust Areas (in syllabus)

  • Loksahitya
  • Sahitya shastra
  • Arvachin Kavita
  • Prachin Marathi Vangamayacha Itihas


The Department forms from amongst its students A Study Circle for the on-going session to organise :

  • Lectures of well-known faculties
  • Seminars
  • Group discussions
  • Poetry Recitation Competitions
  • Rapid and Correct Writing Competitions


Mr. N.H. Khode
  • He has submitted his Ph.D. Thesis, ‘Tukaram Ani Tyanchi Parampara’ to R.T.M. Nagpur University,Nagpur , in 2008.
  • He has submitted to the UGC his Minor Reserch Project entitled ‘Literary & cultural study of Thanjavur’ he completed in 2008 .
  • He co-ordinated the UGC sponosored state-level seminar on ‘Loksahitya ani Lalit sahityancha anubandh’ , organised by the college in 2008.
  • He is a member of LMC in the college
  • He is also a member of various organisations in the city.
Mr. P. M. Narayane
  • He completed his M.Phil. in 2005.
  • He is carrying out his Ph.D. research on ‘Sharchchandra Muktibodh : Ek Chikitsak Abhyas’.
  • He is a member of various organisations in the city.

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