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Chairman Desk

Chairman Desk

True to the legacy handed over by his father Prof. Sureshbhau Deshmukh and grandfather late Bapuraoji Deshmukh, Samir Deshmukh is a multi-talented dynamic young personality wishing to forge ahead in the fields of education, sports, social work, culture and co-operative sector. He has been a source of inspiration and a great motivational force to thousands and thousands of young graduates wishing to carve their names with the multi-national companies of 21st century. His endeavour to work for the young, poor and economically backward youths has made him a gorgeous of the masses. He has not only guided and helped them, but he has left no stone unturned to see that they stood on their own feet also. Several schemes which he has launched as the Chairman of Wardha District Central Cooperative Bank for the Bachat Groups and for women empowerment have yielded remarkable results. His decision to assist the poor and ignored have not only empowered the women but has also given a new meaning to their lives. He believes that the education must be student-centric and therefore strives to give the best of facilities and opportunities to the students. His assistance to the students has helped the students to bring laurels to the College even at IIT level.

While working in an organization, real power and energy is generated through relationships. The patterns of relationships and the capacities to form them are important than tasks, functions, roles and positions. He knows very well that relationships is a potent combination of strategy and character; and hence he is honest, sincere, modest, clean and a visionary. His modesty is reflected in his respect for elders and experienced ones. He is of the confirmed opinion that a success of a person lies in looking for opportunities to help others; and so is he a good communicator, a wise facilitator, a solicitor and a guide to the youths. He believes in overall development of relations and hence organizes several sports, cultural meets and social welfare camps to develop the latent talents of the young and to infuse a sense of confidence in them.

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Shri.Samir Deshmukh

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