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Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission


To provide excellent academic orientation to the learners coming from the rural areas. Our founder Chairman, Late Bapuraoji Deshmukh had long back stated,” शिक्षण शाळा महाविद्यालयातून तर दिले जातेच पण त्याचे लोण खेड्यापाड्यातील गरीबांच्या झोपडी पर्यंत पोहचविण्याचे कार्य मी जास्त मोलाचे समजतो “



To develop professional attitude and the competency skills of learners in chosen areas of learning

  • To foster scientific outlook among students.
  • To ensure access and equity in Higher Education to deserving students.
  • • To attract and develop talented and committed human resources, and provide an environment conducive to innovation, creativity, team-spirit and entrepreneurial leadership.
  • To facilitate effective interaction among faculty and students and foster networking with alumni, industries, and stake-holder
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Opening Hours:
Mon – Sat: 7:00 am – 6:00 pm

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