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Law Department


Date of Establishment
U.G. 1970
P.G. 2008
The Ex – Faculty
Adv. Late Sunil Bapat  
Dr.Thrity Patel Ex-HoD, PGTD, RTM Nagpur University, Nagpur.
Dr. J. L. Aparjit Ex-Principal, Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Law College, RTM Nagpur University, Nagpur.
Dr. A.G. Pawade Ex-Faculty
Dr. R.K. Mor Ex-Faculty
The Faculty

Name of the Teaching Staff Designation Qualification Specialisation Date of Appointment
Dr. S. S. Singam Associate Professor LL.M , NET , Ph.D Intellectual Property Law 16.1.2006
Dr. M. N. Bedle Assistant Professor LL.M., NET,Ph.D Criminology 24.11.2008
Mr. D. M. Thombre Contirbutory Lecturer M.A. English NA
Mr. A. S. Patil Contirbutory Lecturer M.A. Political Science NA
Mr. S. S. Alone Contirbutory Lecturer M.A. Economics NA
Mr. K. P. Landge Contirbutory Lecturer M.A. Sociology NA
Mrs. S. B. Malode Contirbutory Lecturer M.A. History NA
Mrs. V. P. Bokare Contirbutory Lecturer M.A. Logic NA
Ms. S.S. Rathi Contirbutory Lecturer M.A. Economics NA
Mr. V. K. Pande Contirbutory Lecturer M.A. Legal Language NA
Mr. M. G. Dhone Contirbutory Lecturer LL.B. Law of Evidence NA
Mr. C. B. Unhale Contirbutory Lecturer M.Tech. Interpretation & Torts NA
Mr. P. S. Choube Contirbutory Lecturer LL.B. C.R.P.C. & I.P.C. NA
Mr. R. B. Lule Contirbutory Lecturer LL.B. C.P.C. NA
Mr. P. G. Udapurkar Contirbutory Lecturer M.Com., LL.B. Contract Act NA
Mr. A. A. Sadawarte Contirbutory Lecturer M.Com., LL.B. Banking NA
Mr. P. M. Subhedar Contirbutory Lecturer LL.B. Hindu Law & T.P.Act. NA
Ms. Priti Sahu Contirbutory Lecturer LL.M. Land Law NA
Mr. H. K. Chandak Contirbutory Lecturer LL.B. Computer NA
Ms. V. P. Khotele Contirbutory Lecturer LL.M. Human Rights NA
Ms. N. B. Deshpande Contirbutory Lecturer LL.M. International Law NA
Ms. Sangita Rathi Contirbutory Lecturer LL.M. Environment NA
Mr. M. R. Washimkar Contirbutory Lecturer LL.M. Labour Law NA
Mr. Adarsh Dhabarde Contirbutory Lecturer LL.M. Research Methodology NA
Mrs. M. A. Ashtekar Contirbutory Lecturer LL.B. Professional Ethics NA
Mr. Vinod Rautpuriya Contirbutory Lecturer LL.M. Taxation NA
Major Thrust Areas (in syllabus)

  • Constitution of India
  • Human Rights
  • Criminology and Penology
  • Para legal training

  • Moot Court
  • Law Lecture Series
  • Legal Literacy Camp
  • Lok-Adalat, Jail, Police station visits
  • Mock Assembly & Parliament
  • Seminars, Workshops, Debates, Sports

Dr. A. G. Pawade Awarded Ph.D on Right to Minorities under the Constitution of India- An Analytical & Critical Study with Reference to Judicial Decisions.
Dr. S. S. Singam Awarded Ph.D. on Legal Regime for the Protection of Trade Marks.
Dr. M. N. Bendle Awarded Ph.D on Dimensions of Right to Life and Liberty.
Dr. R. K. Mor Awarded Ph.D. on “Preventive Detention Under Constitution of India”.

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