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IQAC Committee

IQAC Committee

Sr. No. Name Category
1 Shri. S.K.Raut,
Vice President, Yeshwant Rural Education Society, Wardha
Management Representative
2 Dr. V. A. Deshmukh, Principal Chairman
3 Dr.K.C.Kulkarni Coordinator
4 Dr.A.R.Sidurkar Teacher Member
5 Dr.A.M.chaudhari Teacher Member
6 Prof. B.M.Lohkare Teacher Member
7 Prof.S.D.Chavhan Teacher Member
8 Prof. M.M.Sidam Teacher Member
9 Dr.Y.G.Thakre Teacher Member
10 Dr.S.S.Singam Teacher Member
11 Mr.Bhupendra Shahane One Nominee from Expert
12 Mr.M.W.Belkhode One Nominee from Local Society
13 Adv. Ajit Sadavarte One Nominee from Alumni
14 Mr.R.K.Thool One Nominee from Administrative Staff
15 Ku. Pooja Laskar Student Member

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