History Department

Date of Establishment
U.G. P.G.
1960 1972
Ex – Faculty
Mr. G. B. Kadam Ex-HoD
Dr. Telang Ex-HoD
Dr. Deopujari EX – HoD, Joined PGTD RTM Nagpur University, Nagpur.
Dr. Sheikh Shabbir Author of Several Books & Text Books
Dr. R. Ingle EX – HoD
Mr. B. N. Chaudhari EX – HoD
The Faculty
Name of the Teaching Staff Designation Qualification Specialisation Dt. of Appointment
Mr. P. D. Khobragade HoD M.A. ,M. Phil. History 2.1.1989
Mr. N. D. Kawade Lecturer M.A. ,M. Phil. History 4.12.1995
Dr. V. G. Bais Reader M.A. ,M. Phil. ,Ph.D History 12.1.2000
Major Thrust Areas (in syllabus)
  • History of Modern India
  • History of 20th century World
  • Economic History of India
  • History of Maharashtra
The Department forms from amongst its students a   Study Circle  for the on-going session to organise :
  • Lectures of well-known faculties
  • Seminars
  • Group discussions
Dr. V. G. Bais A Research Guide for M.Phil. & Ph.D. students.
  Published his Ph.D. thesis entitled History of Freedom movement in Wardha District.