English Department


Date of Establishment
U.G.  P.G.
1960 1994

The Ex-Faculty

Mr. A. T. Abhyankar Ex-HoD (1960 to 1968)
Mr. Zafar Khan Ex-HoD (1968 to 1977), Joined the Dept. of English & European Languages, Bayero University, KANO (Nigeria) , (1977) .
Dr. J. B. Paranjape Ex -HoD (1977 to 1981)
Joined the P.G Dept. of English, R.T.M. Nagpur University,Nagpur, in 1981.
He was awarded D.Litt. for his book “Grace aani durboddhata”.
He has authored the book ‘ Old Lamp for the New’. He was a well-known Research Guide.
Mr. R. V. Jachak Ex-HoD (1981 to 2005)
Mr. N. D. Khadse Ex- HoD (1973-2007)
Mr. D.M. Thombare Ex-Faculty (1995-2012)

The Faculty

Name Designation Qualification Specialisation Date of Appointment
Dr. U. B. Parekar HOD M.A. ,M. Phil.,Ph.D English 17.7.1984
Mr. S. M. Khan Associate Professor M.A. ,M. Phil. English 21.7.1984
Dr. V. B. Dhone Associate Professor M.A., Ph.D English 1.9.1986

Major Thrust Areas (in Syllabus)

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  • History of English Language and Literature
  • Indian writing in English
  • Critical Theories and Practical Criticism
  • Linguistics and Phonetics


The Department forms from amongst its students A Literary Association for the on-going session to organise :
  • Lectures of well-known faculties
  • Seminars
  • Group discussions
  • Poetry Recitation Competitions
  • Rapid and Correct Writing Competitions


Dr. U. B. Parekar
  • Awarded Ph.D. on ‘A study of Girish karnad’s Plays in the light of Brecht’s Theory of Drama’.
  • He is carrying out Ph.D. Research on ‘A study of Girish karnad’s Plays in the light of Brecht’s Theory of Drama’.
  • He presented Research Papers and delivered lectures in seminars and conferences.
Mr. S. M. Khan
  • He has submitted a proposal of a programme of Teaching English submitted to various T. V. channels.
  • He is a member of various organisations in the city.
Dr. V. B. Dhone
  • He is a Vice-President of MFUCTO
  • He is a Member, Board of studies (English) Member of senate,Member of Text-Book Committee of R.T.M. Nagpur University, Nagpur.
  • He is a Member of Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Edu. Pune.
  • Awarded Ph.D. on ‘Themes and Techniques in the Novels of Gita Mehta’.