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The Principal

The Principal

Name Shri.Vilas Annaji Deshmukh.

Designation Principal

Date of Birth July 1, 1957.

Educational Qualification M.Sc.(Zoo.), M.Phil.(Zoo.), Ph.D.

Experience Lecturer from 2nd Nov, 1982 to 14th May 2006
Principal since 15th May, 2006

Research Works

M.Sc.Dissertation entitled , ” Effect of Aldosterone on Plasma sodium and potassium level in lizard”, Calotes versicolor.

M.Phil Dissertation entitled,”The outer and inner surface structure of the Lacertilian eggshell: A scanning electron microscopic study” (Completed Under Faculty Improvement Programme)

Ph.D. Thesis entitled, ” Some studies on Ultrastructure of Reptilian Eggshells”.

Research Papers

Ultrastructure of eggshell in lizard,Published in the Souvenir of ‘All India Symposium on Comp. Endocrinol & Physol'(Nagpur).
Are calcitrophic hormones influenced by prineal gland?Published in the Souvenir of the joint meeting of ICCRH and ASMBR held at Montreal Quebec, Canada.
Scanning Electron Microscopy of the Eggshell of Lizard Calotes versicolor Published in the Souvenir of VII South Asian Symposium on Odonatology and Recent trends in Zoology,(Nagpur)

Conferences / Seminars Attended

All India Symposium on Comparative Animal Physiology and Enviromental Interactions, (29-31 Jan.1989).
UGC-sponsored seminar on “Wildlife Conservation”, (6-7 Oct. 1998).
National Seminar on “Awareness of Biodiversity for Acclimatizable Environment in 21st century, (9-10 Aug. 2002).
Seminar on “Globalization & higher Education – An Indian Perspective” on 19th Jan. 2003.
National Seminar on “pollution Free Environment – Need of 21st Century” on 25th Dec.2003.
VII South Asian Symposium on Odonatology and Recent trends in Zoology, (9-11 Jan. 2006 , Nagpur).
National conference on “Environmental Technology – Biological Perspectives: issue and challenges, (Mumbai), 9-10 Feb. 2006.

Workshops Attended

On “Use of Scanning Electron Microscope in life Sciences”, (15-25 Jan. 1990).
On “Restructuring of Home Science Curriculum at LAD & SRP College for women, (23rd Dec. 1999 ,Nagpur).
On “Research Project” on 2nd April, 2003.
On “Scope and limitations (B.Sc. Final paper. III-Economic Entamology)”, (17th Oct. 2004 ,Nagpur).

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